The Story of Men and Daemons

Have you ever heard of BSD? How about NetBSD?

Well, believe it or not, I managed to migrate from Microsoft's Windows to Berkeley's NetBSD, a free UNIX-like operating system, and, up until now, I found a lot of software counterparts, like Anjuta (programming), Bluefish (web design), The GIMP (image manipulation), Inkscape (vector graphics), ImageMagick (command line image manipulation), Blender 3D, Open Office plus more.

Peles Castle

Peles Castle, Romania † „Nihil Sine Deo

Turea Alexandru Teodor

Turea Alexandru Teodor


I currently live in Romania (SE Europe), Prahova district (Prahova Valley), the city of Sinaia (landmark: Peles Castle), on Mihail Kogalniceanu street at no.5

You can drop me a line anytime at or you can contact me by phone at (+4) 0731.597.552

My Messenger ID is „classicmanpro” but, in order to keep things organized, I only chat when needed.

About me

Hello, my name is Turea Alexandru Teodor, also known as classicmanpro, and I'm a mechanic & programmer who spends all of his time in front of the computer (programming, dreaming and doing crazy stuff).

Although I'm constantly trying to improve my skills, I like to think of myself as a medium, maybe advanced, programmer and I'm targeting all the known and unknown domains as I intend to become a professional developer someday.

To do list

» One can't call himself „UNIX SysAdmin” unless he or she learns PERL programming and BASH scripting.
» Stay up-to-date. There's always room for improvement.
» Learn „The GIMP”.
» Live and let live.

… Until further notice ... That's all folks!

Lost in time

I think I'm lost! … No matter what I do or how well I organize myself I never seem to find any time for anything.

In my line of work time passes so quickly that I barely notice how it goes by. I know we are all victims of causality but one must understand the reason, else one might risk finding himself out of time.

But that's another story…

A little experiment

I've decided to disable all my browser plugins & extensions as I intend to enable only those that are truly useful and only when I really need them … Yes, Flash too.

For the time being, the only plugin that I seem to need is Flash (so I can watch stuff on YouTube), but with new standards on the way, Flash is going to become „ancient history”. The only problem that will (probably) persist is bloatware … Automatically installed plugins (without consent).